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I was asked if I could put together a step-by-step checklist on how I installed Ubuntu Netbook remix on my Acer One 751h. That checklist follows.  It might be helpful to have a second computer nearby in order to search online, read instructions, etc. while your netbook is “under the knife”. Please refer to my earlier entry for links to the programs and documentation I used.  You don’t want to just do this blindly, as there are a few places you could make mistakes that would render your netbook worthless.

Goal: Install Ubuntu Linux (9.10 Karmic Koala) Netbook Remix to dual-boot with Windows Vista, while not losing the original Windows Vista install.


  1. Acer One 751h.  I purchased mine at WalMart in September 2009, with 2GB Ram, preinstalled w/ Windows Vista Home Basic.
  2. Two blank FAT32-formatted USB thumb drives.  I used one w/ 512MB capacity for Parted Magic, and a 4GB drive for Ubuntu.
  3. External USB HDD to store the backed up hard drive images. I used a 500GB Maxtor OneTouch.



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