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We bottled our first mead yesterday. Tasting reveals a much smoother quaff than the early taste test 4 months ago. The burning, spicy notes have been replaced with a sweet honey “tang”. The mead is very clear now, as you can see below.



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A few days ago, Kathy and I came across an article on baking bacon in the oven rather than frying it.  Yesterday we got tempted by one of the vendors at the farmers market and ended up buying some locally produced bacon (thanks, Mae Farms!).  We baked it up this morning- yum!  Crispy like Kathy likes it but juicy and meaty, it was delicious.  Less mess, too.  I’d show you some pictures but we ate it all before I had a chance to take any.  I highly recommend that you try it.  We followed directions from this Food.com page.

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Well, maybe now that it’s cold outside I’ll get some stuff posted.

Here’s a beer update:

The all-grain IPA turned out really, really well.  A few friends chose it over a real Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale in a blind taste test- though they both noted that they preferred my beer due to a less-intense hop aroma.  I would have preferred more hops, personally, but it was a nice ego-boosting moment.

I followed up the IPA with a nice all-grain brown ale that drinks very smoothly, but doesn’t really have any outstanding characteristics.  I brewed it to be a nice sipping beer during this football season, and the promptly failed to watch many football games.

I tried my first small-batch beer; 1.5 gallons of chocolate pumpkin imperial porter. With that, I learned two things:

  1. My system is not set up well for small batches, and efficiency really plunges.  I was aiming at 9.5% alcohol, and ended up with 6%.
  2. Brewing small batches is just as much work as brewing a full batch.  Next time, I’ll probably make a full batch.  No sense in working that hard for something that only yields 10 bottles.

The porter should be ready this weekend, and I look forward to seeing how it turned out.

My most recent beer is a German-style dunkelweizen that was just bottled this week.  In two and a half weeks, we’ll see how it turned out.

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