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New Hot Water Tank!

One of my favorite things about homebrewing is tinkering around on the myriad projects that the hobby affords. While getting a hot water/liquor tank sized for 10-gallon batches had been on my to-do list ever since my wifey got me a 20-gallon kettle, this latest project didn’t get kicked off until I saw this NC Home Brewing post. I was motivated- the price was right (cheap) and it had enough DIY to make it fun. (more…)


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Contest Time!

I’m entering my first homebrewing competition! I had never really considered competing with my beer, but decided to do so after some encouragement from the local homebrew shop following a sample of one of my beers. What was going to be a single entry has turned into five, due to the amount of brewing done in the last two months.  I’ve adopted a “whatever happens, happens” approach, and I’m eager to see what judges think of my beer. Hopefully this will make me a better brewer and help me look at my own beer a little more objectively.

Here are my entries (now with names!) and categories:
1. Baby Bailey Belgian Blonde (B^4): Belgian Strong Ale – Belgian Blond Ale(18-A)
2. Dos Corazones Amarillo: India Pale Ale- American IPA (14-B)
3. This Is Only Tipperary: Stout – Oatmeal Stout (13-C)
4. Megahorse: Stout – American Stout (13-E)
5. Thanking the Babysitter Dunkelweizen: German Wheat and Rye Beer – Dunkelweizen (15-B)


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Isn’t it grand to be able to barter beer for childcare! I just knocked out a half-batch batch of dunkelweizen to thank a friend for babysitting.  Although she has had to wait a few weeks to get her thanks, I think the wait will be worth it.  I just bottled the dunkel tonight, and it already tastes fantastic.  I used a water bath to keep the beer around 65 degrees, rather than the 70 degrees that is typical of my downstairs.  The difference is huge! My last dunkelweizen was heavy on the banana flavors- like a brown-colored hefeweizen.  This one is slanted more towards the spicy clove side of things, and tastes just right.

I just regret not brewing a full batch.

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