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The NC State University Natural Resources Foundation has proposed selling the University’s 80,000 acre Hofmann Forest to generate income for unspecified growth goals.  The Hofmann is well-known as the largest research and teaching forest owned by the university.  Students, alumni and faculty have been understandably surprised, upset, and saddened by the.  A petition seeking to stop the sale can be found at http://www.ipetitions.com/.  Text of the email announcing the sale can be found here.  My letter to the Dean of the NC State College of Natural Resources and the NRF board can be found below:

Dear Dean Watzin and Natural Resource Foundation Board,

I attended school at NC State in part through forest-based scholarships. As an alumnus of NC State University, a professional forester, and a native of “The Old North State”, the proposed sale of the Hofmann Forest disappoints and concerns me. (more…)


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Text of an email received from Brenda Brickhouse (President, NRF) and Dean Mary Watzin: (more…)

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