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Its been a while, so, lets run through the list of shutdown activities:

  1. Spend time with my boy and my best girl! –  CHECK! I have spent a ton of time with my little man.  Last weekend we took a trip up to Hailey, ID for the “Trailing of the Sheep” festival, and he got to watch sheep-shearing, see traditional music performers, and enjoy a mid-fall drive through the foothills.  Daniel turned two this past week, and he is inquisitive, active, and very, very physical.  We are working with him to teach him that he has to control his body, even when he’s upset. Striking other people is not allowed, no matter how he feels.  He seems to have moved past the idea of climbing up everything, but each day brings new boundaries to be tested, new ways to treat old toys, and ever-longer sentences.  Being home to listen to his post-nap monologues has been awesome!
  2. Complete my half-marathon training plan- CHECK! I finished out my training program strong, had a nice “taper”, or reduction in mileage and intensity, during the last week, and then CRUSHED my half-marathon.  I will get a post up on the City of Trees Half-Marathon soon, but for now I’ll note that I improved my half-marathon personal best by ~25 minutes and finished in under two hours. Score!
  3. Finish my folding, rolling, workbench. CHECK! My workbench is finished, except for a set of clips to hold the legs in place when the side panels are folded up. Now I have a place to work on the other household projects.
  4. Brew a fall/winter beer. Fail. Despite the epic selection of great beer names, I haven’t set aside a block of 4-6 hours to brew.  If Congress can get in gear and get me back to work, I would gladly move my beer-making to a weekend.
  5. Build a laundry room pedestal. Fail. This couldn’t start until the workbench was complete.  I am currently weighing the expenditure for materials for this project  against the prospect that today’s half-paycheck may be the last one for a while.
  6. Organize the garage (this is on pretty much everyone’s furlough to-do list, I bet). CHECK! While this is an ongoing project and will never be fully complete, there is more free space in the garage than there has been since we moved in.  My wife’s car is back in its rightful place.
  7. Put some focus on professional development: Fail. Other than keeping up with blogs in my reader, I haven’t spent much time on professional dev the last two weeks.  Each time I think about work-related info, I get annoyed about the lack of progress in Congress regarding returning us to work, so, I’ve focused on more positive tasks.
  8. Fight the never-ending battle on my photo collection. Fail. The number of unsorted, untagged photos remains at 1327.
  9. Blog! (CHECK (2x!)

While the final score may look like 5/9, the 2 of the 5 that are complete are pretty time consuming endeavors, and I will never regret a second I spend with my son, so I’m giving myself a B+.  Now, off to tag some photos, research beer recipes, and read a few journals!


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Shutdown Productivity

So I find myself furloughed while Congress is stalemated over government funding, and our two dueling political parties try to out-posture each other in the media. This leaves me with way more free time than I am used to on weekday mornings and afternoons. I’m not going to mope, though! Here is the list that will get me through a week or so:

  1. Spend time with my boy and my best girl!DSC_7136
  2. Complete my half-marathon training plan. I’m in week 11 of 12. Almost there!
  3. Finish sanding, staining, and final assembly for my folding, rolling, workbench. Currently, the main box and the shelves are assembled and the hardwood edging has been attached. All that’s left is sanding and staining everything, and attaching the side panels.
  4. Brew a fall/winter beer: Shutdown Stout, Standoff Schwarzbier, Political Prisoner Porter, Budget Brawl Brown, Legislated Layoff Lambic, or Furloughed Framboise anyone?
  5. Build a functional and stylish laundry room pedestal.
  6. Organize the garage (this is on pretty much everyone’s furlough to-do list, I bet).
  7. Put some focus on professional development: Read 1 scientific journal a day until I finish my stack, get familiar with the newest versions of the OpenGeo, tools and read a book about decision-making in high-stakes situations.
  8. Fight the never-ending battle on my photo collection: tag, rate, and adjust/edit the 1327 photos I took this summer.LightroomStatus20131002
  9. Blog! (check)

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