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The McCall Trailrunning Classic was described to me as a beautiful course and a great place to try my legs at a 20-mile distance. It certainly was beautiful, and really hard over those 20 miles. I am glad that I had done the River of No Return 25k in Challis a few weeks prior, as well as a handful of longer training runs. I had to dig deep on this one.

The course begins at Jug Mountain Ranch, a golf and mountain biking club on the western edge of the “Long Valley” in which McCall, ID sits. JMR is a fantastic location and a gracious and accommodating host for an event like this. They opened their clubhouse to runners, had the nicest bathrooms that I will probably ever get to visit prior to a race, maintain a great trail system, and allowed about 300 runners to just take over their parking for the better part of a day. If anyone who reads this is associated with JMR, THANKS! GREAT JOB!

Picture of Council Mountain across the long valley, from the climb.

Council Mountain across the long valley, from the climb.



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