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The Event

Circumnavigating its namesake lake, the 30k variant of The Payette Lake run is something of an Idaho institution. It’s been run on the iconic shore of McCall, ID’s focal-point lake for 37 consecutive years or so. The Boise Area Runners (BAR Meetup, BAR Facebook) club with whom I thoroughly enjoy running were making a weekend out of the event for a second year in a row, which sounded like great fun. Even if the run was a total bear, the company would be fun.

This race was on my list last year, but ill-timed wildfire assignments (are there well-timed wildfires? Maybe, but they don’t call us to manage those) left me poorly prepared. Looking back, I had run all of 42 miles in July and 28 in August 2013; not exactly the solid base mileage numbers needed to tackle 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) in one shot. This year I was heading into the race in a much better place, having run 97 and 111 miles for the same months a year later. (more…)


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