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I hadn’t run a 5k race since the same event last year, and hadn’t raced a distance shorter than a half-marathon since June. I have been training steadily and with purpose, for 4 months now following the McCall Trailrunning Classic, and have managed to stay healthy running six days a week. The bulk of my training mileage is very slow; my goal is to keep my cadence up (over 175 steps/minute) and my heart rate in zone 1 or zone 2 (50-70% of heart rate reserve).  This works out to roughly a 10 – 11 minute per mile pace. I am only doing speedwork every two weeks or so, and most of those runs are lactate threshold runs near my 10k pace (8m:20s/mile).

All of that prologue is just a really long-winded way to say that I haven’t run fast in a long time. I was actually starting to miss it, and I looked forward to this race to see if I had gotten faster even while not training for speed.

My strategy was to run the first mile strong, take it slightly easier for the second mile, and then close out strong, with a finishing kick for the last 400 meters. I think I nailed it – I had so much energy left for the finishing kick that I actually surprised myself a bit.

Mile 1 – 7m:30s
Mile 2 – 7m:39s
Mile 3 – 7m:17s
Last 400m – 1m:23s (5m:32s/mile pace) (more…)


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