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2014 Year in Review

Since I did a 2014 goals post, shall we do a 2014 year in review? We shall.

Family Life: Baby girl arrived in April and has been a delight. We are probably as well-adapted as any parents of two little children could be. Check!


Homebrewing: Got new tubing for cold-side beer movement. Brewed a porter, bought a keg, and kegged the porter. So, two goals down out of five. I did not find time to brew a beer fir baby girl’s arrival. I actually only brewed once during the whole year, rather than once a quarter, and I did not enter a single contest. Ah well. It has been nice to have homebrew to drink again, and kegging is well worth the expense.

Running: I didn’t get into Robie Creek, but I ran the Les Bois 10k anyway and improved my time over last year.  Didn’t get a chance to get revenge on the High Desert Half Marathon because the organizers didn’t organize it again this year.  I built my own training program and trained hard for the Sun Valley Half Marathon and came home with a PR. Nearly ran myself into the ground with that training plan.  Despite that, I ran the River of No Return 25k just two weeks after Sun Valley. Beautiful course that has my appetite whetted for (maybe) the 50k version in 2015.  For kicks, I ran the McCall Trail Running Classic 20 miler about a month later. It was after that event that I declared myself over-raced and under-trained. I committed myself to building a solid base of mileage and spent most of the late summer and early fall running slow, easy mileage.  I ran the Payette Lake 30k as an easy paced long run, and had a great time. I skipped all of the races in October due to work travel, so I didn’t run the Barber to Boise. It still sounds like a great course; maybe next year. I set a 5k PR running Boise’s Turkey Day 5k and a 10k PR running the Hot Chocolate Run to close out the year. I ran slower, and further, in 2014 than before – and in the end it made me faster.  Isn’t that something?

Final running stats for 2014: 226 runs; 1276 miles; 114,773 vertical feet ascended; in 223 hours 43 minutes


Didnt run Robie, but ran a “Hipster Robie”. More climbing, more distance, more pain, less cost. Photo Credit: Cory Harelson, http://eat-climb-run.blogspot.com/

Skiing: I made the most of the XC ski lessons that Kathy got me for Christmas, and had a blast skiing until the snow melted on Bogus Basin and it was time to run again.

Enough groomed classic track to stay busy all winter.

Enough groomed classic track to stay busy all winter.

Avoiding Inury: I managed to avoid further running injury until basically the last two weeks of 2014.  At this point I may be dealing with a little plantar fasciatis.  The jury is still out at this point.

It was a full year – but a great one! Thanks for following along.


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