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Here’s a rare attempt at “daddy-blogging”.

My son kept his end of a daddy-son bargain for three days in a row, earning three consecutive stickers on his chart. This accomplishment (and trust me, it’s a big accomplishment!) merited a reward – his first fishing pole.

We headed off this afternoon in search of his reward. I posted a picture of his anticipatory smile on facebook, to which my wife replied that he’d be asleep before we made it our destination.  She is a very astute woman.

Picture of my son in the car.

Son on the way to pick out his first fishing pole

He did indeed fall asleep in the car. I kept him awake with witty banter until we got to the interstate, and then he was toast. He only got 5 minutes of sleep before we got to Cabellas.

Cabellas, by the way, is nirvana if you’re a kid. It’s pretty cool for adults, too. There are so many different tents in which to crawl, a fire pit with a fake fire, and reminders of the outdoors galore. A big game display in the middle of the store features elk, deer, grizzlies, polar bear, musk ox, a wolf, and even a few little guys like an otter and a skunk. “Daddy, why aren’t they moving?” “They’re display specimens, son”.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to explain any further.  Because other than that, if they so much as flinched they would terrify a store full of Sunday afternoon shoppers, son.

The end of the store near the fishing gear has two huge aquarium tanks. One features all the warmer water impoundment species, like bass, crappie, and the like. The other tank contains cooler water and shows off trout, salmon, and relatives. My son got to watch a turtle poop in the water, which was something I’d never seen either.

The actual shopping for a fishing poll was just a tour of the fishing section, during which I replaced all the gear that he dislodged.  We settled on a “Cars” themed fishing rod (Shakespeare brand) with practice casting weight, and a tackle box. Hopefully it will last a while. I was hoping for Zebco, but alas, their kid’s offerings are aimed at eight year olds and up.

My son carrying his new fishing rod and tackle box out of Cabellas.

New rod and tackle box in hand

Fishing pole in one hand, tackle box in the other, we proudly left the store. This time there was no sleeping on the drive.

My son casting his new fishing rod.

Casting the day away.

By the end of his first practice session, he was casting to the end of the line on the reel. I’m looking forward to the first fish, already.


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