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New Year’s Day 5k

Everybody loves a cheap race, right? Low cost is the main reason I signed up for the New Year’s Day 5k: $25 bucks is probably the cheapest race I’ve done in  a couple of years. I hadn’t run a 5k all year and I thought it would be fun to see if I could lower my time in that event the way I’d lowered my 10k just six weeks earlier. This particular race was sponsored by the local YMCA (which we just joined at Christmas), consisted of greenbelt trails along the river, and featured hot soup indoors afterwards, which is a nice feature for a January race in Idaho.

I didn’t rest of taper for this event, and in fact ran 5.5 medium-effort foothills miles the day previous, so nothing about the effort felt easy. My legs and lungs kept saying, “I’m tired” so I used my heart rate to gauge if I had effort left to give.  I did not have enough “push” to track down the fellow in front of me for the last mile, but in the end the effort was enough for a new PR by about 57 seconds (22m:13s) and first place male 35-40, 14th place overall.

2016 New Years Day 5k Results

My certificate from the 2016 New Years Day 5k.

One of these days I’ll actually train specifically for a 5k and see how fast I can really go.


Official race results
Time: 22m:13s (PR)
Age Group (35-39M) 1/10
Gender Place: 10/91
Overall Place: 14/260


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