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Kathy and I took a trip to Project Racing Home with Triangle Greyhound Society‘s foster coordinator today and came home with a new foster!  “Odds Are” raced an astounding 264 times at Tallahassee Florida’s  Jefferson County Kennel Club (JCKC), winning 32 and finishing 2nd 41 times.  We are getting to know her, and she is getting to know us.  This is her first time away from the kennel and track, so we’re introducing her to the house and things she’s never seen before, like stairs, glass doors, dogs that aren’t greyhounds, and couches.

We are thinking of naming her Gracie.

If you are interested in adopting a Greyhound, and you live in the Raleigh, NC area, the Triangle Greyhound Society is a great resource.  Project Racing Home, a kennel near Greensboro, NC, has a wonderful greyhound boy named Lester who needs a home.  Lester has a ton of energy for a greyhound, which means that he plays like a normal dog. He needs a home without any cats, kids, or small dogs, but I am confident that he would make a great pet. See Lester’s photos on facebook.


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Kathy and I lost our 12 year-old greyhound, Leader, today after a bout with bone cancer. Leader was our first dog as a couple, and our first experience with retired racing greyhounds. He was a joyful, inquisitive soul who picked us out of a crowd of people in front of PetsMart one warm summer evening, leaning on my wife until she fell in love.  He was a kind older boy who made a friend of everyone he met, loyal and eager-to-please to the very end. We will always love you, Leader, and will smile as we imagine you running  free through endless fields and forests.

Leader Bailey, 7/12/1997 - 2/22/2010


7/12/1997 – 2/22/2010

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